Ensuring a big on-shelf splash for Post’s Ice Age: Continental Drift Cereal.

The challenge in partnering with the fourth Ice Age sequel, Ice Age: Continental Drift, was ensuring that this Ice Age cereal tie-in would stand apart from previous incarnations offered by Post’s competitors. After meeting with the film’s directors at Blue Sky Studios, I learned that in addition to a host of new characters, what would really set this Ice Age installment apart from the others was its setting. This film is set primarily at sea with the ocean treated as a character in its own right displaying presence and personality. The idea of showcasing water as a primary character and design element on the package interested me. Early in the design process, I experimented using the ocean as a wrap around 360 graphic allowing me to “float” all of the other design elements around the package. This would playfully lead the consumer’s eye from panel to panel as they follow the floating elements taking in all visuals and information.

Adding to the package’s uniqueness, the cereal was displayed in a proprietary way which linked it to the film’s icy theme. Meeting with the directors, I learned that icebergs would feature prominently in the film. Showcasing the cereal floating by in an iceberg shaped like a breakfast bowl seemed an inspired way to garner appetite appeal and organically immerse the cereal into the world of Ice Age. To further position the cereal as special, packages were displayed in their own free standing “Limited Edition” shippers setting them apart from other cereals on shelf and immediately commanding attention.

Providing an incentive to buy as well as added value to consumers, a free Ice Age Village mobile game download with exclusive content was offered via codes printed inside boxes as well as a DVD rebate offer.

Doing some homework and meeting with the studio before starting the design process led to unique design solutions that ensured this Ice Age cereal stood apart from its predecessors and positioned it to become a pop culture collector’s item.

Partner mentions on Ice Age’s Facebook and Twitter pages helped to spread the buzz outside of Post’s normal channels about the blockbuster breakfast fun.

Check out more innovative on-shelf solutions at: www.keithmanzella.com

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