Hungry-Man Wins the Fight For Facebook Fans!

Hungry-Man’s Facebook page was suffering a midlife crisis! Its fan base consisted mainly of 45-50 year old women, decidedly not the Hungry-Man target. To attract younger male fans, we partnered Hungry-Man with the UFC creating a sweepstakes which offered one lucky winner a VIP trip to a UFC event. To enter, fans needed to “Like” Hungry-Man’s Facebook page utilizing a sweeps app.

But how to speak to the younger male target Hungry-Man needed to connect with? The sweeps was featured in wall posts on UFC’s Facebook page tapping into their loyal fan base of over 9 million young men. The perfect target for Hungry-Man’s products. Check out the stats on the average MMA fan:

Additionally, banner ads promoting the sweeps appeared on the UFC’s main website directing even more fans to Hungry-Man’s Facebook page to “Like” and enter.

Upcoming UFC fights were promoted on Hungry-Man’s Facebook wall providing content that would keep the interest of the newly liked younger male target.

In-store, Hungry-Man packages featured stickers touting the sweeps and directing consumers to Hungry-Man’s Facebook page to “Like” and enter.

The result: “Likes” on Hungry-Man’s Facebook page soared during the promotional window and Facebook stats revealed the average HM Facebook demographic had switched from older women to the desirable 25-34 year old male target.

Partnering with an entertainment property who already had an audience with Hungry-Man’s desired target scored a knockout win for Pinnacle Food’s most manly brand.

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