Changing Faces is Big News for Post!

Has John Cena wrestled Fred Flintstone off of Pebbles face panels? Yes, it’s true…but only for a limited time. Even though the graphic change to Pebbles face panels is temporary, the on-shelf impact and online buzz will certainly last a long while. To promote an instant win game where consumers can win a trip to Wrestlemania 30, Family Size boxes of Fruity and Cocoa Pebbles now feature wrestling’s biggest Pebbles fan, John Cena! Even the Family Size banner was transformed into a Cena-sized championship belt, further adding to the on-shelf excitement. The box also delivered its own Cena premiums in the form of cut-out mini character standees that are small in size but not on fun.


Thanks to an aggressive PR campaign, the packages became immediate off-shelf stars, as the media buzzed about the face panel shake-up proving that when handled correctly, utilizing a catchy hook and the right PR, a simple graphics change can become really big news for a brand.



See how Pebbles’ relationship with Cena started here:

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