Post Pebbles Makes Every Day An Adventure!

When Post asked Eastwest Marketing Group to come up with new activities for the back panels of Cocoa and Fruity Pebbles, we viewed the assignment as an opportunity to establish a fresh brand positioning for Pebbles as well as provide fun activities for kids. With no new Flintstones entertainment on air, we were faced with the challenge of keeping “Bedrock fun” relatable to kids. Those timeless equities had to be made relevant if box back activities featuring them were to remain engaging. Every Day’s An Adventure! The solution leveraged the idea of transformation. Kids were presented with the thought that starting their day off with Pebbles could transform the ordinary into an extraordinary adventure.

CP-B&F 11oz

Comic book style stories featured normal routines which were transformed into adventures with Pebbles as the catalyst. School buses became chocolatey wooly mammoths, and soccer nets transformed into fruity dinosaurs, making Bedrock fun relatable in kid’s lives today under the umbrella of adventure.

F&B enitre mech-Front A4

Kids were charged with finding how many things transformed from the normal to the prehistoric among other fun activities.


Look for these transformational designs on package backs of new Cocoa and Fruity Pebbles, as well as on

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