Hungry-Man Laughs Along with the Millennial Male

When did it happen? When did a salad become a meal? When did a coffee become a double foam, non-fat, mocha latte? It’s time to answer the call of your stomach and eat what you love. It’s time to eat like a man. Hungry-Man wanted to reach out to a young generation of males and let them know that moving out of their parents’ house and living on a budget didn’t mean having to forego a hearty, home-style meal. But how to speak to this fickle, hard to reach audience? By giving them something to laugh about.


These days, humorous video is the smartest medium to start a conversation with millennial males. For this generation, comedy is what’s driving their culture. While music drove our father’s generation, sharable funny media is driving this generation of young male consumers. Humorous content in the form of Twitter and Facebook posts, along with short form video created in partnership with Poptent, were activated across all social channels, connecting with millennial males, and joining in where they were already having conversations.


The positioning line, “Eat Like a Man!” unified the brand’s message across all mediums, acting as both a rallying cry and call to action.

On Facebook, Hungry-Man connected with fans through humorous posts, which laddered back to the “Eat Like a Man!” positioning, raising the page’s likes from 3k to over 127k.







On Twitter, Hungry-Man joined the conversation by personally answering guys who mentioned they were hungry in their tweets.


A brand specific YouTube channel as well as Vine account showcased humorous videos featuring the “Eat Like a Man!” tagline, with the most popular video receiving just under 200k views to date.


The Eat Like A Man messaging as well as Hungry-Man product was seamlessly integrated into target relevant media, like Newtwork A’s show “Tuerck’d” starring Ryan Tuerck, via Bedrocket Media.


A blogger outreach program as well as pre-roll advertising purchased on target relevant sites delivered incentive to try coupons.

HM Live blog advert


In-store “Eat Like A Man” POS supported.

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